Do they scan?
Yes our barcodes are built 1:1 ratio using official state information.
Do they pass the bend test?
Yes they are made from high grade teslin. They bend from corner to corner without creasing in the middle.
Do they black light and have advanced security features?
Yes all of our products are built to replicate the real deal as much as possible to give you the best experience possible.
How are they shipped?
We ship as fast as possible from payment to your door no longer than one week from payment. They are discreetly shipped and packaged for discretion.
How can I contact you?
Please send an email to [email protected] Emails are usually responded to within the hour.
How do i pay?
First you create a account and submit your order via by adding to cart. At the moment we accept BTC and Western Union! You will see your orders and payment methods on your "account" tab.
Western Union
We are now accepting western union. Once you have placed your order. You will see a blue box that says "pay with western union". Follow the correct step. If you entered anything wrong please open a ticket immediately. We are currently charging a surcharge of 28% on all western union payments. We have to give a certain percentage to our mules. NOTE: It may take up to 24 hours to confirm your order.
Duplicates ?
Duplicates are only offered for Tennessee. All the states we offer are high security states and currently do not come with duplicates. We will be providing dupes very soon for all states!
How to buy bitcoin?
You can buy bitcoins from and
Refund and Fraud Policy
At desertfoxids we do not take requests or manufacture fake ids for fraudulent purposes. If you choose a DOB after 25 years of age, your order will be voided. We do not offer custom DL numbers. Refund is not applicable for any reasons if you have violated these terms.