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    Purchase your Fake Id today from a fast and realiable vendor. We offer multiple states and fast shipping times.

What We Do


To purchase your Fake Id. We accept Bitcoin in order to take advantage of its anonymous nature and difficulty in tracing payment origin. This allows you to have complete privacy with your money. Your Fake Id purchase will be untraceble.


We use invisible ultraviolet ink to build the correct security image for each Fake ID that we produce. This image appears in the presence of a UV light. We blacklight all Fake IDs before shipping.

Western Union

We have started to accept Western Union as a payment gateway. Place your order and get your fake ids today! Disclamer: All Western Union orders have a 28% Surcharge.

Scannable Barcodes

Every Fake ID that we produce has a scannable barcode and correctly programmed magnetic strips, encoded with all of your data. We scan-test every Fake ID we produce before shipping.


We heat-seal all of our holograms directly to the teslin in order to provide a genuine look and feel. This produces a high quality result without compromising card flexibility on your fake id.

Discreet Fast Shipping

All orders are shipped discreetly from within the United States via USPS First Class Mail. There are no markings indicating the nature of the package, so you can be sure that the contents of your package will remain secure. We currently have the fastest turn around for your Fake Ids. We have a three day turn around.